Dan Voelker of Voelker Litigation opens $100 for 100 Project to benefit essential workers

Dan Voelker of the Voelker Litigation Group opened the $100 for 100 Project, which allows lawyers and law firms to give back and express appreciation for the essential workers who are working to keep us fed, safe, healthy and everything else during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The $100 for one hundred concept is for lawyers and law firms throughout the United States to give back to the essential workers who have so selflessly and tirelessly provided them with essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each donor lawyer or law firm will hand-out 100 $100 dollar bills to those who have helped in their neighborhood or community.  With each $100 bill will be a business card with a message of thanks and appreciation – and a link to the $100 for 100 website where recipients can post a comment of thanks in return.

Are you an attorney or law firm who would like to say thank you to essential workers?

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