Why We Win Business Litigation Cases

Voelker Litigation was formed in 2010 by Dan Voelker, who has been litigating and trying cases since 1985. Here’s why we win business litigation cases:

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Voelker Litigation Group to provide its clients with the same high-quality legal services and legal talent offered by the largest and most prestigious firms, but at more competitive rates.

Why We Win Business Litigation Cases

Experienced Trial Lawyers

The Voelker Litigation Group is a firm of trial lawyers. We litigate every case with the goal of achieving the highest degree of success for our clients. We will not engage in prolonged and unnecessary discovery for the sake of billable hours. Every case is assigned to a lead attorney with years of trial experience, someone who is intimately familiar with the facts of your case, and we partner with you for the best possible outcome. You can be assured that we will have done our homework and we will be ready to aggressively pursue success for you. Voelker attorneys work hard locate assets and satisfy judgments in even the most challenging cases.

Nationwide and International Experience

Lawyers of the firm have litigated and tried cases in Illinois, in the United States and internationally. We are as comfortable in a courtroom in California as we are in the metropolitan Chicago-area and throughout Illinois and New York. Because of his international background, our founder, Dan Voelker, has handled matters reaching all corners of the globe.

Deep Financial Experience

Because of our extensive trial experience and financial savvy, it is not unusual for clients to ask us to step up and take over for another attorney or firm when it appears that a particular dispute will go to trial. As Certified Public Accountant, Dan Voelker uses his financial experience to help identify and recover for clients and to protect clients from overreaching by the other side.

Why We Win Clients

Affordable Rates

In addition to its extensive legal experience, the Voelker Litigation Group is attractive to clients for its ability to offer lower rates. We keep our expenses contained, with lower fixed costs and support overhead. An efficient cost-containment policy, coupled with the same high-level of experience and legal skills as larger firms, helps our clients better manage their legal costs. We work within our clients’  budget and means while providing the experience to better resolve their legal problems.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

With the challenges of today’s economy, the Voelker Litigation Group also encourages prospective clients to consider an alternative fee arrangement. Rather than a fee based solely on hours, an alternative fee arrangement could mean a fixed fee, a fixed monthly retainer, a partial contingency fee or similar arrangement. Here, the firm and the client “partner” in the efficiency of the process and the ultimate outcome. The Voelker Litigation Group believes that it should be paid more when it wins, and less when it does not.

We Keep Our Promises.

Although no lawyer or firm can guarantee success, we promise to work hard to put our legal, financial and business experience to work for you to win your business litigation case and get you what you deserve.

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