Voelker Litigation Group Wins Trial by Proving Forgery with Expert Witness

Voelker Litigation Group Sales Commission Attorneys won a hotly contested two-day trial in Will County, Illinois for their sales representative client recovering all of the sales commissions the sales representative was owed plus attorney fees.

The Defense claimed that it entered into a hold harmless agreement, releasing all of the sales representative’s claims in this action thus our client should get nothing. The Defendant admitted on cross-examination that, had the sales representative not signed this release, the Defendant would owe the sales representative commissions. The sales representative testified he did not sign the release. The Voelker sales commission lawyer retained a certified forensic document examiner expert witness who testified unequivocally, to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, that the sales representative did not sign the Hold Harmless and Release.

Based on the testimony of the expert witness and the cross examination of the corporate representative, the Court found the release did not apply and awarded commissions and attorney fees pursuant to the Illinois Sales Representative Act 820 ILCS 120/3.

The total recovery in this case was nearly ten times the amount originally offered to the sales representative before trial.

Your results may not always be the same, but this case makes clear Voelker Litigation Group will go to any length to get what our sales representative clients earned.