Will the Real James Bond, please stand up? Voelker on Rubirosa

By Daniel J. Voelker
Over the years, many have been named as the inspiration for the fictional James Bond. Or was he fictional at all? The decades long question, asked by many, has been answered: Porfirio Rubirosa or,
as he would have more aptly introduced himself, “the name is Rubirosa, Porfirio Rubirosa,” is the real James Bond. Born in San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic, in 1909, to a wealthy family, strong, athletic, and, as they say, dark and handsome (not tall, though), “Rubi” (meaning “red rose”), as he was affectionately known, was the person whom Ian Fleming, the British Intelligence Officer turned novelist, modeled 007.

Fleming decided to write a novel about a fictional spy while he served during World War II. Fleming never identified his inspiration for James Bond, but instead insisted the character was a compilation of many people he had known throughout his life. Fleming never claimed that he based the character on his own life.

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